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4 Ways to Nurture Your Inner Child and Mature into Empowerment

Don't ever stop nurturing your inner child. If you haven't started yet, start now. 
-Doe Zantamata

Everyone gets older but not everyone matures.

An unhealed inner child shows up in life for everyone in different ways and makes life worse, not better. If a wounded inner child is ever allowed to run the show, the show will be a chaotic drama on repeat.

Maturity isn't something you can be scolded into doing. It involves love, thought, and wisdom. If you didn't receive that adequately in childhood, you'll have to give it to yourself. 

1. Instead of reacting, respond. 

This in itself is a huge leap towards emotional maturity. As children, we tend to hit back. It's just a reaction. As adults, most call it revenge. Revenge never gets even. Revenge grows small conflicts into larger ones and really wastes a lot of time. The conscious choice when a person feels hurt is to deal with that pain. Try to understand the reason for it. If you were at fault for causing someone else pain and didn't realize it, apologize. Make amends as best you can. Don't let pride get in the way but instead stay humble. If you were not at fault for it, don't take it personally. Distance yourself from the person if they show no remorse but not in anger. Just enough to protect yourself from being hurt again. 

2. Give yourself credit for trying. 

Trying more often than not leads to failing. But that doesn't mean don't try at all. It means keep on trying and don't get hung up on the failures. No successful person ever got it right on the first try. Many tried for years and there seemed to be no results. But there actually were huge results…they learned. Trying and failing means learning. Keep trying. Motivate and encourage yourself forward.

3. Put peace first. 

Happiness is peace. Appreciating peace can be difficult to do for a lot of people who are used to conflict, arguments, and drama. Putting peace first means appreciating it and being able to enjoy life. But it doesn't mean avoiding conflict that someone else started…that only provides temporary peace as the drama escalates behind the scenes. It means dealing with things in a straightforward manner, honestly and openly and halting possible misunderstandings and drama when they start so that they don't fester and grow. 

4. Choose love. 

You're an adult now. A strong, able, wise, and independent adult. You don't have to operate out of fear. As a child, you were the opposite. You were small, dependent, and didn't know much. What you needed to do and believe in order to survive was necessary at the time but those same behaviors as an adult will not protect you. They will only destroy solid, secure and loving relationships. Act out of love and respect for yourself and for others. Dishonesty keeps around what's wrong for you and honesty attracts what's right. If you live authentically, what's yours will never leave you. What's not yours will fade away and create room for what is truly yours. 

Written by Doe Zantamata

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