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The known vs the unfamiliar

Last year, I was at the grocery store and noticed these weird looking grapes. They looked like little eggplants. My first thought was "ew!"  Why?  Maybe because they didn't look anything like I was used to grapes looking.  So, I tried one anyway.  Best grape in the world, ever.  I bought them all last season, and immediately got them again last week when they showed up in stores again.  I think it's good to challenge your first impressions if you're not sure if they are judgments or your intuition.  We probably have some bias wiring within our brains, designed to help us recognize things similar to good or similar to bad that should usually direct us to or away from each.  But following those internal biases without questioning them or even being aware of them can sometimes hinder more than help. Some things that looked good turn out to be awful, some things that look boring turn out to be fun, some things that seem to be unimportant turn o

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