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Intuition - Just Like Your Other Senses


Intuition most often is a sense that gives you a present feeling of future consequences. This isn't psychic, or different from other sensory experiences. You can see a mountain far off in the distance before you arrive there and can touch and smell it. You can hear an approaching car before it arrives, and would know it's coming even with your eyes closed. 

Our bodies have highly refined structures to detect sensory information. Receptors, cells, entire structures devoted to gather information. Neurons then process all of the information, but we still can decide what to do with it. 

If you smell sour milk, you could still drink it. You'd likely get sick, but you could just as easily have used that incoming information to protect yourself, and never have to have tasted it to know it wasn't good for you. 

People who don't know that intuition is sense will often go against it, essentially drinking the sour milk in the form of relationships or experiences that their intuition detected were not right for them at all, or could harm them or make them sick. 

We trust all of our other senses, and we have all had the experience of "knowing" something was good or bad and going for it or against it and regretting going against it. 

When you learn the language of your intuition, you learn to discern what those feelings actually mean. You learned all of your other senses in childhood, and still learn more each day. You know how so many different foods taste because you have tasted them and learned their name. You can even detect certain ingredients because you've already tasted them. Even if there is barely any in the whole. Like cinnamon in cookies. It's likely only a teaspoon in several cups of other ingredients, but you know it when you taste it. 

Learning to trust your intuition and using it is what will make it stronger. It takes practice and processing to train and strengthen it. You get better and better at it with practice and time. 

Without knowing what exactly you're sensing, it is like walking around with your eyes closed or your ears covered. Using the sense allows you to more accurately determine what is and isn't good for you in your life. 

- Doe Zantamata 

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