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The Meantime

Sitcoms used to introduce, play out, and resolve a problem within a half an hour. No matter the challenge, somehow it always worked out and wrapped up neatly.

Well life, of course, isn't a sitcom.

Sometimes problems take a few years to develop, so slowly and non-linearly that you aren't even sure how they started or how they got to where they are.

And the solutions or resolutions are also not a matter of awareness and instant fix. People are simple to a certain extent but problems can be very complex. Whether you're trying to navigate through something together or trying to navigate your way out alone, you can't just flip a table over and step out the door and be done.

And in the meantime, there can be good days and bad days, days you feel 100% one way and days you feel 100% the other.

Welcome to the meantime.

It's usually a lot longer than a half hour.

To avoid burnout and anxiety, it's best to keep your thoughts straight. Journal every day. You see, the mind…

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