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What's wrong with this picture?

We all begin as naive little sponges. Our minds are filled with the words, language, customs, and thoughts of those around us. As we grow older, particularly in the teenage years, we begin to evaluate those things and are exposed to peer groups whose beliefs mix with our own that are developing and those handed to us already. Some things are accepted, some rejected, and we continue to grow and learn.

On the road from naive to wise, there's a lot of pain. For some people, more than others. And some are more sensitive to it by nature.

So a tendency that can develop to try and prevent more pain is to start thinking along the lines of "what's wrong with this picture?" The thought being that if you come across a good thing -- or a good person -- and you can figure out how they will hurt you before they do, you can prevent that pain from happening.

But what you look for is usually what you'll see. So if you're looking for something wrong, you can probably find it even…

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