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Changing Thought Patterns

Thoughts create habits and pathways in the brain. Over time, these pathways deepen and become stronger and stronger beliefs.  If you imagine a great stone valley with a deep river, no matter how much rain falls on the whole valley, it will always collect and flow into the river. The river has become the path of least resistance. If you were to put a lot of effort into chipping a new path and filling the old river, eventually all the water would stop flowing into the old river and instead flow down the new path you have created.  The same is true for your thought patterns. If you put deliberate effort into choosing a new and more positive thought pattern, eventually it will become your habit. Evidence, proof, or circumstances are just the rain. You decide where they will flow by your beliefs.  One big pattern or habit is switching the pattern of wanting to the pattern of appreciating. Consumerism is driven by promoting a habit of wanting. Showing you a product or service and selling i…

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