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Liar, liar...

There’s no such thing as a “good liar,” only people who are really bad at telling the truth. 

Nothing they get from lying is truly ever theirs, and they know this. 

They know they don’t deserve the good they grab with deceit, and they know it’s only a matter of time before they are found out. 

The truth has a funny way of making it to the surface.

It's a terrible thing to be deceived, and can be so very damaging. It happens to all of us many times during our lifetime, unfortunately. 

When you find out, please know that catching someone in a lie doesn't stop them from lying again. 

They lie because they want to win by fooling you. When you learn the truth, they feel like they've lost. They will try to remedy this with more lies. 

Until they realize that they lose, too, by lying, they will keep doing it. 

So let them lose you. 

Maybe that will be an incentive for them to realize they're going about life all wrong and wasting everyone's time, including their own. 


But don't waste any more of your time waiting for them to get it. 

You've got a great life ahead to live. 

- Doe Zantamata 

Learn more about trust and how to recover yours after it has been shattered: 


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