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1. The purpose of life is to love.
2. The meaning of life is compassion.
3. The point of life is to learn these things.

1. Love involves you and the entire Universe, here and hereafter.
2. Compassion towards all. Compassion towards enemies allows you to see that they were never really enemies at all. They were just people acting out of fear, ignorance, lack of self-esteem, or a mix of the three.
3. Learning cannot be effectively done through words. The lessons must be discovered and felt firsthand. Don't pity the poor and downtrodden, or those who struggled to overcome. If you must, pity those who were always wealthy, sheltered, loved, and protected. For they are the ones who will live and end their lives never fully knowing what it was all about.

Written By Doe Zantamata
From the Book One Page Stories, vol.1 - on amazon:


Change Your Life From the Inside Out

Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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