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One Step Closer


If you're frustrated in the middle of a big project, big goal, or some other journey that will have a definite ending, you're probably feeling unhappy that you're not there yet. 

Whether it's a health goal, home renovation, or a literal journey like a cross country move or drive, if you only focus on where you aren't, you just won't be able to be happy. And if you're unhappy all the way there, when you finally get there, you won't be happy either. You may be relieved that it's finally over, but you'll have built so many memories of the awful trip along the way that the final moment of completion just won't bring you much joy. 

But it's the truth! "I'm not there yet" is the truth and it stinks in this present moment!


But there are a couple more truths in the present moment, too.

Try this.

Instead of, "I'm not there yet," think of two things:

1. "I'm one step closer." You are one step further along this path, one step closer to your end goal. Take a breath and mini celebrate this truth.

2. "I'm one step further away from where I started." Think about where you started and look at how much you have achieved and accomplished since then. At the time you started, it may have seemed overwhelming. Or maybe you had no idea how much time and effort would actually be involved and hadn't realized it yet. But now where you are, you're so far away from that starting point and so much closer to completion. Take a breath and mini celebrate this truth. 

Change can be difficult. Literally everything is easier said than done except saying the words "easier said than done."

But you do it. And you get there. And you may not be able to enjoy the views along the way. Some of the views may be boring or tiring or downright ugly and awful. But you're getting through. 

You will make to to the other side. 

You're a long ways from where you started, and you're one step further to where you want to be. 

Take a deep breath and mini celebrate. 

- Doe Zantamata

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