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What Didn't Kill You May Not Have Made You Stronger, But it Did Do This...

Unfortunately, you find out who you can't rely on after you relied on them and they weren't there.

You find out who you cannot trust after you trusted them and they betrayed and demolished your trust.

It can feel like you're being kicked when you're down, but that kind of information can only be known in the "afters." 

The good news is, after the after is where you get to move forward with wisdom. Wisdom and boundaries, or wisdom without them, that is up to you. 

Although you'd have preferred not to have to make it through alone, you'll have done it. That wisdom will carry through, too. 

What didn't kill you didn't "make" you stronger, but it did reveal strength and determination that was already within you, and now you know it for sure. 

Use that as confidence for your present and future.  If you do find yourself reflecting, don't focus on the fact that they weren't there. Instead, celebrate yourself for making it through the past. It was tough, but you did it. 

- Doe Zantamata 

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