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Easy DIY Tile Stickers Wall Project

For some reason, I decided my hall/doorway walls were too plain. I have always loved the look of tiles, especially the hand-painted ones. I attempted to hand paint some squares directly on the walls and stencil tile patterns on them and that was really horrible. But it was funny. 

Plan B didn't exist, but then I came across these tile stickers on Amazon. 

I read the reviews, and they got great reviews as far as looks and that they do stay stuck where you put them. I figured it couldn't be any worse than my hand painted ones, so I ordered two sets and sanded and painted over my tile catastrophe. 

The tiles arrived, and they are gorgeous. They really do look like tiles. The company has several styles, all in the price range of $12 to $14 for 25 tiles, 4"x4" in size. 

This is how the wall looked before I put the tiles on. I didn't do "before" pictures, but I left a little at the bottom to take a photo to show you.

I painted the hallway white with chalk paint, then measured to see how many I would need. I didn't mark any measurements, but that is just me being lazy. I stuck the tiles on in a random order along the first side, leaving around an inch in between tiles. 

I matched the order on the other side. There's a little extra gap at the bottom, but I'm not bothered by it. 

After the tiles were all on the wall, they looked super plain against the white. I had some leftover step 2 wood stain look paint from one of my prior projects, the Front Door and Garage Door Makeovers in Wood Look, so I took my little wee fan brush and started to paint some of the wood look paint on the walls. I did it all vertical first and let it dry a bit, then went back and did all the horizontals. This resulted in nice little squares that border each tile like a frame. That was totally unintentional, but I love it. 

This project didn't take but a few hours, and it would have taken even less if I hadn't had to paint over my horrible paint tile job. 

I've shown it to some friends in person and in photos, and everyone thinks they are real tiles! 

I really love how these turned out. 

For the wood look paint, mine is from the Giani Garage Door Kit because I still had one full can left out of the two in the kit after I did my Garage Door and Front Door. They have several different colors, but I chose the Red Oak. I would imagine there are other step 2 / wood stain look paints available, but if you want to redo your Front or Garage Door, you'll have plenty left over at the end of that project to use. It didn't take much at all because I put it on after sticking the tiles on. The tiles have a clear film on top of them that you take off, so leave that on when you paint, and it will just peel right off when you're done. If you want the Giani Paint but don't want the whole Garage Door Kit, they also have just a Front Door Kit which has less of each product but it would be more than enough for this. 

For the ceiling of the hallway/doorway, I did just the wood look paint with the little fan brush. I didn't have enough tiles, and I didn't want to buy another pack of tiles. But I actually like how it looks so I'm glad I didn't have more tiles to use. 


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