7 Quotes to Inspire Your Self-Love

Learn how to Love Yourself with Doe Zantamata's Workbook: 

 Learn How to Love Yourself with Doe Zantamata's workbook: 


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    1. Thank you soo much, it is just what I need at this moment, Polly.

  2. Your post showed up on my screen at a time I desparately needed someone to say exactly those words to me. I can't thank you enough. I'm deeply grateful. Is seems like a sign that just maybe, better days are ahead.

  3. Great points but difficult to make manifest when severe child abuse involved. The stages are: 1. Safety; 2. Remembrance and Mourning; 3. Reconnection; 4. Moving on. (Judith Herman M.D., Trauma and Recovery)

  4. i really love your content, thanks for sharing very helpful info

  5. I love everything you write and share to my feed often. Happiness in your life has become a favorite read and I've posted links to a lot of your stuff and told friend to follow on fb. Thank you 💞😊


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