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There are Times When You Won't Bounce Back. But That's OK.


Do you know the phrase "bounce back?"

I think sometimes you can bounce back. From one setback or a couple of let downs, or maybe even a shocking disappointment. 

But if you've had a series of dreadful, awful, incredibly difficult, heartbreaking events, I don't think you can bounce back. 

I do think that once some time passes from the initial shock or even grief at what's lost and won't come back, you can find yourself lying down in the ashes. Probably numb more than anything. 

From there you can pause. Rest. Allow whatever feelings of sadness or anger to be felt and pass through. 

Then, you can rise. 

Not full flight, as if you're undamaged and have a ton of energy because that's just not true.

But sit up. Take stock of the good that's in your life now. Even the tiniest bits. 

It may be way too soon to even reflect and see the silver linings, so don't attempt that just yet. 

Instead, take such good care of you. Be patient with yourself and know that you are healing. Disconnect from what brings you down. Take time to appreciate and savor quiet moments and little treats. Allow yourself to feel again. 

Healing won't be linear or quick, but it will happen. Whenever feelings wash over you, let them. But let them pass through. Return to taking care of you. 

Keep doing this, and one day you will notice something wonderful. Maybe it will be something ordinary that looks beautiful. Or something that tastes Divine. Or something that makes you smile a genuine smile from the inside. 

These will be signs of your healing. 

From there you will rise. Wiser, maybe not feeling stronger, but definitely feeling like you've built a new foundation from which you can move forward into a new life. One that includes hope and possibilities and opportunities that you could have only dreamed of before.

And you will know that you deserve them.

You will know happiness. 

You will know peace. 

And it will be wonderful.

-Doe Zantamata

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