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What's the deal with Earthing or Grounding?

Have you ever heard of earthing or grounding?

I wrote a little about it in my book on Intuition.

At first it will probably sound silly, but when you look into it more, it makes a whole lot of sense.

The basic premise is that we were designed to be in contact with the Earth, and with the inventions of shoes and floors and roads, we no longer have our bare feet on the Earth hardly at all.

Electrical charges or static build up in us and need to be released, or grounded. If not, they can cause inflammation, pain, insomnia, and all sorts of other conditions that we then turn to pain medications to try and relieve.

Added to that, we're surrounded nowadays by electrical devices that we use constantly during our waking hours. We absorb EMF from those, but don't regularly discharge it.

We've all had the experience where we've walked across a carpeted room and touched someone and zapped them, or getting static sparked from laundry out of the dryer.

To practice earthing or grounding, all you have to do is reconnect with the Earth daily. Go outside and take off your shoes and discharge your static self into the ground for a little while. Almost like the opposite of recharging depleted batteries.

There have been actual scientific studies on the benefits of grounding, and the findings are pretty incredible.

Here is one of them if you'd like to read it:

Pain was reduced. Cortisol, the stress hormone, was reduced, inflammation was reduced, just by having a person put their bare feet on the Earth daily. There are even studies now about earthing helping with depression.

Is this why gardening is so therapeutic for people? Or the beach?

When was the last time you've been in contact with the Earth with your bare hands or feet?

This is so simple and free, and you can start doing it today. Step outside and take your shoes and socks off and place your feet in the dirt for a few minutes. Maybe take 15 minutes to go out and get some deep breaths and stretch your arms and make this a daily practice.

To learn so much more, watch this amazing documentary called The Earthing Movie here, FREE:

If you'd like to read Clinton Ober's book, the main person in the movie, you can find it here:

If you don't like the feel of the grass, it seems that you could also sit outside on a 100% cotton blanket or beach towel wearing cotton pants or some other natural fabric that breathes (ie, not polyester). Or get a pair of moccasins with natural soles or ballerina flats with natural soles. Or natural (not synthetic/plastic) cork soled flip flops.

This one looks great:

The movie talks about grounding mats which you plug into the ground in your wall. At first when I'd read about these a few years ago, I was all gung ho about them, but then I read more about how the ground in the electrical socket can still pick up currents from your appliances or wires and it may not be a good idea after all.

Do your research and decide what's best for you, but for me, I think going outside and planting my feet on the Earth is an easier and more direct connection. 

To your health, 



Note: This article is informational purposes only, and not meant to diagnose or treat any type of medical condition. Please ask your doctor or medical professional and consult with them for professional advice. 


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