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The Meantime

Sitcoms used to introduce, play out, and resolve a problem within a half an hour. No matter the challenge, somehow it always worked out and wrapped up neatly.

Well life, of course, isn't a sitcom.

Sometimes problems take a few years to develop, so slowly and non-linearly that you aren't even sure how they started or how they got to where they are.

And the solutions or resolutions are also not a matter of awareness and instant fix. People are simple to a certain extent but problems can be very complex. Whether you're trying to navigate through something together or trying to navigate your way out alone, you can't just flip a table over and step out the door and be done.

And in the meantime, there can be good days and bad days, days you feel 100% one way and days you feel 100% the other.

Welcome to the meantime.

It's usually a lot longer than a half hour.

To avoid burnout and anxiety, it's best to keep your thoughts straight. Journal every day. You see, the mind can adapt over time and retell the story. It's only when you have a journal and your own words in front of you that you can really remember how you felt and what you thought. It's also a way to get confused and convoluted thoughts out of a mind jumble and clearly, concretely down on paper.

Also, make sure to have some "you time" every day. In a hurry to solve a problem quickly, it's so easy to become obsessive about it. Thinking that if you only think more, you'll figure it out more quickly. But again, some things take time to unfold and it's not possible to put your entire brain into it and see it more clearly in a shorter amount of time.

So while you are in your meantime, stay present and aware with a daily journal, stay at least a little detached with you time, and remember that when you are being honest, true to yourself, positive, and have the best intentions for everyone involved in mind, the resolution will come to pass or make itself clear to you sooner or later.

-Doe Zantamata

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Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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