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Focus on Improving Your World

Most people have done it at some point or another. Especially when their own lives are not rolling on easily, they'll look at someone else's life and either feel envious about that person's success, or more disappointed in themselves for not being "there," too.

But here's the thing, and I'm sure you've realized it. What people show on social media or in smalltalk isn't hardly ever what their whole life is. They could be having major struggles or things that are very personal that they're going through and don't want to discuss. They may want to just put up the positive things not as being fake but in trying to focus on those things themselves.

I'm guilty of doing this at times and at some point I usually have a more in-depth catch up conversation with a friend who seemed to be doing great on social media and that's when I hear about all they've actually been through.

So three things, really:

1. Don't feel bad about your life when you see others doing well. Period.
2. Don't assume that what people show is the whole story. It may just be the tip of the iceberg. If people seem to be doing great but haven't made time to say hi in a longer than usual amount of time, message them. Say hi.
3. Focus on your own life and making it the best it can be. If you're struggling, give yourself encouragement and seek encouragement from outside yourself as well. If it bothers you to see all the glossy happy stuff on social media, don't look at it for a few days. Or reframe it...use it as a reminder that there are good things going on in the world and that everyone goes through up and down cycles.

Even when life seems like it's out of control or in a downright funk, you still have some control. The simple things like taking a few deep breaths, listening to peaceful reiki music on Youtube, watching funny shows, spending some quality time with family, friends, or pets, or doing something creative...they're all free and they all can take 30 seconds or an can find time. And even though they may sound cliche, they really do help lift your spirits in the moment.

And if all you can do is life your spirits for a few moments every day, that may just be enough to keep you above the waterline until things improve again.

-Doe Zantamata

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