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Karma isn't being happy for anyone's misfortune -- even if you think they deserve it.

Karma is understanding, not judgment.

Be conscious of the energy you put out.

You can’t be happy for someone else’s misfortune, even if you think they deserve it. Otherwise you’re inviting an experience where someone is happy for your misfortune because they believe you deserve it.

If someone is getting away with lying, cheating, or just being a jerk in general, don't spoil your energy on them. You can be honest in your thoughts that they are up to no good and causing pain for those around them. But from there, wish them well. Wish they have some kind of experience that opens their eyes to what a waste of life they're engaging in...for both the people they affect and themselves.

Keep your energy; your thoughts, intentions, and words clear and bright. 

It feels a lot better and doesn't spill over and wreck your trust for all people.

As far as consequences, when they are caught, being happy that the truth has come to light is positive. Being happy that they are in pain is not. It's both subtle and entirely different but you'll know which you are choosing by how you feel inside. Fueled by anger or just accepting of the fact that all choices have consequences.

-Doe Zantamata

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