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Forgive Yourself - High Drama Relationship Break Up Recovery

If you really take responsibility for all your actions, you’ll realize that after a bad break up, you’re not really mad at them.

You’re mad at yourself for putting up with their nonsense after they showed you they were full of nonsense.

You’re mad at yourself for failing to make them into a better person.

You’re mad at yourself for not accepting that you can’t change a person, even if you truly believe that them changing would have been better for both of you.

You saw them lie to other people but you still didn’t think they were lying to you.

You denied your eyes and got hurt with what you already knew. It’s their right to act like a jerk and it’s not your decision for them to stop acting like a jerk, it’s theirs. It’s only your decision to be with someone who chooses to act like a jerk or not.

Forgive yourself.

You tried to do what you thought was right but you were trying to do the impossible. A person can only change themselves. It’s not your job or your right to try to make them become any different than they are.  

-Doe Zantamata

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