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Change Over Time

By the time we reach our 40s and 50s, we've lived a good portion of life.

People who play games have become relatively good at playing them. People who let their excuses hold them back are pretty versed in their excuses. People who choose to lie have developed their skills at lying. People who don't stand up for themselves haven't found a good enough reason to do so. We've become established in ourselves and the way we choose to live.

Change can happen at any time, but it can only come from within. If a person was completely unaware that their choices don't lead to good places before you came along, chances are they'll need more proof that they need to change besides you telling them so even though you know it's true.

So if you see things you don't like or agree with in people you've recently met, remember this. It's not up to you to fix them or change them and really, you couldn't if you tried. It's up to them.

Your life and your choices are up to you. And maybe choosing to invest a ton of energy into trying to help someone who isn't living authentically just isn't right for you anymore. Maybe that was one of the lessons you still needed to learn.

-Doe Zantamata


Change Your Life From the Inside Out

Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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