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Do you have a cluttered garage, closet, or junk drawer in your home?

Do you know exactly what's in there? If you think about organizing it, do you put it off because it seems like a big job and a lot of work?

Whenever you have gone through it, did you find that some of it was junk you just didn't need, find things that you forgot you had and did need, and feel better after it was all organized and you could see what's in there?

Now if that's a garage, closet, or drawer…imagine what the same process does with your mind.

Your mind is an open space, with very clear thoughts connected to your past wisdom and intuition. But it gets cluttered. Things people say, doubts you may have, things you need to do, insecurities, past memories, and more. These things, when left unattended, will continue to play and replay many, many times over and fill your mind with clutter.

Most of them are unnecessary. Many of the ones that are clear and necessary become buried under all the ones that are not.

So how do you clean the clutter of the mind?

1. Make yourself a to-do list for daily items, appointments, even garbage day if you're always forgetting it. Use an app on your smart phone, a little planner, or even a little notebook. You won't feel the need to try to remember anything you're worried you'll forget if it's all written down.

2. Meditate. What is meditation? Simply, it's taking a few minutes every day to sit in silence, eyes closed, focusing only on your breathing. If you haven't started yet, you'll be probably shocked at just how many thoughts go racing through your mind in the beginning. It can be overwhelming. Don't give up before you get going. The beginning of anything is always the hardest. Do it even for one minute a day to start.

Easy Meditation: 

Sitting cross legged or lying down, breathe in, feeling the cool air entering your nose and down to your lungs. 

Breathe out, slow and easy, and feel the warm air leaving your body, and your lungs deflating. 

Give just a slight pause in between the in-breath and the out-breath and vice versa. 

After a few breaths, picture a grey screen in your mind and focus on keeping that grey screen clear. You will have lots of thoughts try to get in. Don't give them attention. If you give them attention, it's like feeding them. They will grow. 

Just focus on your breathing and picture that grey screen. Maybe on the first day, but maybe not for a few weeks, you'll have a moment of a totally silent mind and it will be awesome. That is pure inner peace. Keep doing it for longer, it doesn't have to be more than 5 or 10 minutes…just long enough to get centered and gain control over your mind again. 

3. Give your attention only to what's important. What you put in your mind is what fills it up. Things like brainless TV, gossip, petty arguments…they fill your mind and drain your energy. Your time is important and your mind is precious. Don't waste your time or fill your mind with nonsense. Value both for what they are.

Walking a straight line will get your further, faster, than running around in circles. Clear your mind and nourish it with good things. Take the time, make the time, to quiet it and train it to serve you better. Your clarity will increase, your memory will get better, and your stress levels will get lower. There is no downside to a clear mind. It's your gift to you and to all others you encounter.

By Doe Zantamata

Author of "Happiness in Your Life - Karma"
and many other books, available on Amazon:



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