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Without and Within

Each of the relationships in your life are up to you to govern, maintain, nourish, create boundaries in, or end. They each represent a need, want, or belief in you that is being fulfilled in one way or another.

If any of them cause you repeated pain, check your belief system as to why you may believe that energy needs to be there. Are they fostering feelings of guilt, anxiety, pressure, or rejection? Those feelings are created within you and only grown outside of you within certain relationships as a reflection of your inner state.

Those which encourage, support, love, and create a feeling of acceptance and peace within you, maintain those. Prioritize those. Appreciate those. They are in line with your true, pure self and will allow you to be, achieve, and accomplish a great and happy life. They will ease your challenges and amplify your joys.

Take a detached view of your outer emotional energy exchanges to identify what needs to be resolved within.

~ Doe Zantamata

Author of "Happiness in Your Life, Book One: Karma"


Change Your Life From the Inside Out

Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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