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Tact is a skill that can turn brutal honesty into just honesty.

It's a skill that develops with practice, and one that's harder to use when emotions are running high.

But you can't go towards someone with a verbal fist and expect a hug in return.

When method matches intention, outcomes are much more peaceful.

Try to focus on what you want for an outcome rather than the pain you may be feeling in the moment…for example if a person says,

"You always ignore me!"


"We really need to plan some quality time together. I miss you."

Both are likely "true," but one would likely lead to a defensive reaction/argument and the other could lead to the desired outcome.

So ask yourself, "what do I want to achieve out of this?" and then speak to someone with that intention.

That way, it's more about communication rather than just venting.

~Doe Zantamata


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