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Feeling your feelings

Thinking a positive person will never get angry, sad, or overwhelmed is like thinking a doctor will never get sick or break a bone. Life happens and it's not always sunshine and good times.

You are a positive person but everyone has their limits. It's ok to feel whatever you are feeling in the moment and not judge yourself because you didn't immediately see the bright side.

Positive people allow themselves to be human.

The goal is to feel better…so if something happens that gets an angry or sad feeling, allow yourself to feel that and then move into your positive self again.

If you add to those feelings ones of shame or regret for feeling them, then they have a higher chance of being buried unresolved and you'll only feel worse.

Those feelings come up when something happens that hits on an old trigger or when survival instinct kicks in…they just mean that you are a human who is in touch with all feelings, not just the good ones

-Doe Zantamata

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