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Keep your energy strong

Every thought, spoken word, and action you take sets off a chain of circumstances that will reflect back to you.

Put out only what you wish to receive in return. If something negative reflects back to your positive, it's only showing you a direction not to pursue. Don't change what you put out because of it, and don't let it change you.

Call it Karma, call it The Law of Attraction, or maybe The Golden Rule. By any name, it's true. Many people want to believe in good things, and begin to think more positively. Things seem to go well, but then something, someone, some circumstance makes itself known that is not very positive at all. In that instant, a choice must be made.

Do you:

1. Throw your hands up and say oh this positive stuff is not reality


2. Realize that this person, this relationship, this job, this circumstance, or this timing isn't right for you, and doesn't parallel your positive beliefs.

The choice is yours, but the consequences will continue to reflect your choice.

If you decide that positive thinking was all new age nonsense and feel foolish for even giving it a shot, then the majority of things coming your way from now on will be in line with those beliefs. If something, someone, or some "lucky" opportunity even fell into your lap that were super positive, you'd shun it away thinking there must be a catch as it's "too good to be true."

Choose instead to keep your positive beliefs and hold strong to them. Once those things that were not right for you are allowed to pass on by, ones that are right for you and do fall in line with your positive beliefs can make their way to you.

Keep the faith.

By Doe Zantamata

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