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Poems Book

I'd like to have my book, "Poems" made, quantity 2500 (or more). It will be a full color 6"x6" book of approximately 50 poems. They are all poems I have written over the past two years. Some are about love, or about moving on, forgiving, and of course...dreams. 

In addition to printing costs, I will need to purchase more image licenses, UPC code, ISBN Number, and shipping envelopes and postage to mail them out.

-If the goal is exceeded, I really would love to redo and add more free pdf posters, reorganize the whole site to show all the blogs, and make it look pretty. 

-I also have monthly expenses of image licenses (which supports independent photographers and artists), domain names, software, bandwidth, the newsletter service, and disc space. I never wanted to do a paid subscription site, as I wanted the articles to be free for anyone who needs them to read. Unfortunately, that means I get the whole bill every month. Fortunately, I've been able to do quite a lot. When I have more, I can do more. I would love that.

The blogs are: (main blog with posters and articles) (blog on how to get through a breakup) (blog of poster quotes) (blog with quotes from the Happiness in Your Life books) (free online version of one of my books) Another online book, "Idealist Handbook" Tips for idealists to stay well and positive in a world that doesn't always make it easy to do so.

-Above that, my computer is about to celebrate it's 5th birthday. Although I am very grateful for the immense workload it has taken on, I would love to give it a retirement party instead, and get a new computer. 

-Above all that, I would love to take a little time away from freelance work to compile and edit Book Two in the Happiness in Your Life Book Series, "Intuition." 

Please click on the book cover image or this link:  to see the "Thank you" Gifts that you will receive with each funding level. 

Gifts reward amounts start at only $1.00 for "Poems" as a PDF eBook that you will be able to share with anyone you like!

Thank you so much!!




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Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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