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Today, and From Now, On...

I decide today to be happy. This moment and from now, on. This is my goal.

From now on, I won’t look back with regret.

Those people who raised me, those who crossed my path, either briefly or for a long time, they may not have given me things I wanted, but for each thing I did not receive, I received something else.

When they did not nurture me, I realized how important nurturing is. When they discouraged me, I found my own courage which no one can take away. When they did not help build me up, I learned independence, which needs no validation from outside.

There were no missed opportunities and there was no wasted time…not one single second.

Each relationship only existed as long as I needed it to, and as long as I believed it was what I deserved. Any wonderful opportunity that I passed up was one that I was not ready for at the time.

This goal of happiness is not a selfish one, but one that I wish for every walking soul.

To hear cold words and not let them touch the heart and turn it to ice.

To live and act free of one’s own fears and insecurities, and free from the fears and insecurities of others.

To attempt things, knowing that failure is possible, being aware of risks, but believing one’s self capable of achieving, and if achievement is not to be met on the first go, then the solid belief that it will be possible to regroup, get back up, and try again.

If things don’t work out one way, having faith that they’ll work out another, and being open to ways that weren’t even in the plans.

To realize the incredible fleeting nature of life, and to make the most of every moment.

To honor dark feelings of anger, sadness, and grief, and to observe them, realize their roots, and then let them go fully. They carry far too much weight to carry on into the future.

To believe in the good things in life; in love, in peace, and to welcome those who believe in them, too.

To realize that encouragement of others is a wonderful thing, but if more than a nudge is needed, to let go of the need to force someone to speed up their path. To respect their pace, and not feel disappointment that they cannot see what may seem so clear.

To make time for the simplest things. Quiet, nature, walking barefoot and breathing in deeply the fresh air.

To be able to look back on life during the twilight and know that you’ve given the best of you to the world. Because of you, lives were brighter. Because of you, people knew love, knew hope, and knew a true friend.

To fully appreciate this gift of life. This magical, mysterious miracle that we all experience, yet so many take for granted. To be aware of the bigger picture, and not get caught up in little distracting details.

To be grateful. Grateful for opportunities, grateful for lessons, grateful for the strength to rise to every occasion.

To develop and unshakeable core of peace, that may be bruised or scratched, but can never, ever again be broken.


(written by Doe Zantamata)


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