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Forgiveness - Shift in Thinking


  1. It's a very beautiful message Doe. I don't consider myself resentful? I don't feel I am especially that I always find excuses for the person who hurts me. What i am trying to learn is to set some boundaries not to allow those same persons to hurt me all over again? Is that a sign that I didn't forgive at the first place?

  2. Some people carry a lot of negativity while walking the incarnate path ... no matter how many times one forgives, one is just laying oneself open to further negativity, Nikky. There comes a time when we must say our prayers and wear a protective bubble, while withdrawing.
    One can forgive, both the other person as well as oneself, which is necessary for the onward healing of the soul ... but re-establishing contact is not always necessary.

  3. Dear Nikky, I believe your issue is more of self-worth than of forgiveness. In order to stay in a position to keep being hurt, you must believe on some level that you deserve it.
    Take the focus off of them, and place it on yourself, your history. Once you accept and love yourself, your outward energy and what you will tolerate will change.
    Love to you, Doe


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