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How to create personalized affirmations

How to change a negative belief into a positive affirmation:
1. What are you tired of, really over, or fed up with?
2. What's the oppositve of that?
3. Almost there! Start with, "I am grateful that..." then repeat #2 as if it's already in your life, stay with it, and it will be.
~Doe Zantamata
Affirmations...for those who REALLY believe in the Law of Attraction, they are magic spells cast out into the Universe. For those who believe in it, as well as other forces, they are much less, but much more than that.

There's really no magic to affirmations, but they do work.

Your beliefs are those things you repeat subconsciously every second of every day. If they are negative, they create negative perceptions, which then create negative reactions, which then create negative circumstances.

Reality and truth are only reality and truth according to our perceptions.

If you go to a movie with 4 friends, and after the movie, all are asked to write;
1. What was the best part of the movie?
2. What was the worst part of the movie?
3. Who was the most likeable character?
4. Who was the least likeable character?

All of you would write different things. Maybe slightly different, or maybe VERY different...and this is only a 2 hour created reality in which you're all supposed to think the same things...which are...whatever the writer wanted to convey!

So in real reality...we each have movies playing out with every interaction and every person we see and meet. If a person is quiet, someone may say they are shy, and another may think they are arrogant. They both read into the action of being quiet with their perception as to what that action means.

So give your life new meanings. Give your life positive beliefs. Then you will begin to see positive chains of events occur which could not have occurred otherwise.

1. What's something in your life that you're sick of, tired of, fed up with, or otherwise really over?

Let's say it's you doing work and not being noticed or even thanked for it.

2. What's the opposite of that?

You doing work and it being appreciated and you being thanked for it.

3. Add "I'm grateful that..." to it, and make that your positive affirmation in the present tense.

"I am grateful that I am appreciated and thanked for my work and efforts."

Now this may feel awkward at first, because it's SO opposite of what you right this moment believe, but the more you believe it, the more true it will become in your life.

So suppose you then go to work the next day after sending out this affirmation in the morning, and your boss didn't notice the extra care you put into your last project.

"Former you" would have got innerly steamed, and thought, "See...nobody appreciates me? Why do I bother??"

"New you" can instead notice that there's a difference between your new belief and what seems to have happened. Hmmmm...the boss must not have noticed. Let's fix that in a postive way.

"Hi boss, I wanted to check in with you. I spent an extra 12 hours on that last project to make certain that this and that were done."

--at this point, the ball is in the bosses court--

The boss may say,
A) "Yes, I appreciate that, thank you!" which would affirm your new belief.

He or she may say,
B) "I didn't notice, but I appreciate that you put that extra work in. Thank you." which would also affirm that new belief.

Or he or she may say,
C) "Yes I saw what do you want, a cookie or something?"

WOW #3 certainly wouldn't affirm the belief. Does that mean it's wrong? No. It means that this may not be the boss for you. Now without going into how tight the economy is or that you've been there for 20 years, think about this...if the company closed its doors tomorrow, would you be forever destitute? Or would you just go find another job? Security can be nice, or it can be a self-imposed imprisonment of something you have that you know you're not happy with, because you're afraid there may be nothing else out there. If you want to be happy, you have to be surrounded by people and circumstances that allow that happiness, not ones that attack it on a daily basis. So ultimately, you would have to decide if you'd like the miserable familiar, or find the courage to leap toward something else, something better. But that's another article.

For now, take a half an hour and write down all the things that you've made more than one complaint about. If they are details about one person or one incident, check to make sure they're not actually tied together at a deeper root...for example, all are examples of not being encouraged, or all are examples of people trying to grab all of your time, or all examples of not being loved.

Once you've found the opposites, write them down on notecards or print them up on the computer and post them somewhere that you will be able to see them every morning and every night. A lot of people choose their bathroom mirror, and add them to the morning and evening toothbrushing routine. This is good, because symbolically it's a time of old beliefs away and having the freshness of the new ones.

With positive beliefs, you will be less bothered by and less aware of negative things and circumstances, and you will be more aware of and more open to opportunities that a negative belief may have prevented you from seeing at all. Affirmations REALLY DO work, but not in a hocus pocus sort of way. They just really reprogram our self-imposed limits to open up to a better and brighter world that we choose to see.

Best to you, and please feel free to comment some old vs new affirmations you may have discovered! They just may help someone else to find some of their own.

By Doe Zantamata

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  1. I must say positive affirmations do help a lot! Like you said, they help us see the positives in our lives or help us see what we need to change to get to that positive place we want to be in. A friend once told me to only surround myself with people who love and support me for who I am...after a divorce I was holding onto "friendships" that just weren't so...the divorce helped me weed out people in my life that were not supportive of me. I now can see so many things to be thankful for and continue to do so...even when things seem to be negative I know there is a positive side :) Postive affrimations are a great reminder of this and help us focus on the good we want in our lives.
    "There are always beautiful flowers for those who choose to see them" Lynn :)
    Under the Cherry Blossoms

    1. Believe,Belive !! Is ssooo true!!Look at ur" life,, im sure u will do whats best for urself,and da changes u need to make!!!! And to da ANONYMOUS! I like ur last comment:: ""THERE R ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS FOR THOSE WHO CHOOSE TO SEE THEM !!!


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