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Are you living a life based on love, or based on fear?

Are you living a life based on love, or based on fear?

In relationships, do you act because you fear being alone, or fear there is no one better for you, or truly because you love the person you are with?

In work, do you love your work? Do you feel you are able to express yourself, and freely contribute? Do you feel that you are valued? Or, are you only there because you fear bills at the end of the month, or fear that there are no other jobs or work for you that you may like more and where they may value you more?

A life built on actions of fear will never feel secure. Worry lives here. When something ends or someone leaves, it will feel like an enormous loss and will be difficult to let go.

A life built on love will always feel secure. Knowing you are important and deserving of love and appreciation means that even if someone leaves, or you are fired, you know that there is someone or something better in store for you. You will be able to let things go freely, and not try to win back or chase people who don't love or appreciate you.

Written by Doe Zantamata

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