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Anchors or Wings?

Are you an anchor, or are you wings? Who surrounds you today?

Anchors hold others down. They make fun of their dreams, insult, criticize, belittle, and make life tougher just by being themselves.

Wings lif others up. They encourage their dreams, compliment, accept, inspire, and make life easier just by being themselves.
All your life, as much as you can, you should be wings for others, and surround yourself with wings. Your spouse, best friends, coworkers, boss, employees, anyone who you speak to daily, influences your life, and you influence theirs. Depending on who is affecting you daily, you can either be held back more than if you were alone, or you can reach new heights that you never even could have dreamed because of their support. Any award winner, movie star, musician, or politician, on the podium, before they get into their acceptance speech, they always begin by thanking those who helped make it all possible, those who they couldn't have done it without...they thank their wings.

From the Book One Page Stories, Volume One, By Doe Zantamata - Purchase on amazon:


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Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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