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Take the Lesson, Leave the Pain.

There are three tiny little words that can release you from regrets of the past, and allow you to move forward with your life. They are: “From now, on...”
~Doe Zantamata

Life's lessons. Sometimes, they don't come easy.

Sometimes, they hit so hard that it's easy to slip into regret.

"If only I'd known," "If I knew then what I know now," and statements like that are kind of self-mind torture, as they are complete impossibilities.

You HAD to live through the lesson, the pain, in order to know what you know now.

If you hadn't lived through it then, it would have been some other time, some other place, some other person very similar.

No time is wasted when the lesson is learned, whether it be a lesson in self-worth, in trust, in love, or in anything.

Anytime you're tempted to think "If only I had..." or "If only I hadn't..." replace those statements with "From now, on, I will..." and you'll go from regret to empowerment in the blink of an eye.

Life is meant for living, not for regrets. 

Release yourself from regrets.

Take the lesson, leave the pain.

-Doe Zantamata 

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  1. I needed this today! Thank you, God sent me to this page for a reason!

  2. i have been living and reacting to regret alot lately. my mantra of " ican make it one more day" has just become " From NOw On...." I nno longer want the past to dictate my future. thank you for this, today.

  3. Thank you for the timely support like a God sent angel!

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