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Old Children

When I was little, I thought adults knew everything, and I didn't know much. All I had was curiosity, and an open mind.
I thought how great it will be when I am an adult, and I know everything, too. As I got older, I wondered when that time would come. It never did. Decades later, I still don't know much. One thing I do know now, is that none of us actually know everything.

None of us are even adults, we're just old children.

There was no magic time to become an adult. Sometimes, I think I knew more then than I do now. We still need encouragement, love, and guidance from others in order to do well in life. Most importantly, we now need to work to keep alive within ourselves that curiosity and open mind that we had naturally as children. It's the only way we can truly continue to learn.

By Doe Zantamata


  1. So True!! I also think I knew better when I was a child. I knew better because my knowledge was based on feelings and intuition.


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