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Karma Stories: Karma and Success

Karma Stories:
Karma and Success
Karma and Success
By Doe Zantamata

The Seventh Law of Karma – The Law of Direction and Motives

Mr. Seeker: There’s a woman I know who has a good heart, is very honest, loves what she does, but is struggling immensely financially with her business. What should I do?

Ms. Wise: Wish her success. Help her if you can. Honesty takes longer to grow than lies, but it has a much stronger foundation. If she can get through the struggle, she will have found true success in many ways, not just financially.

Mr. Seeker: There’s another woman I know who is very shrewd. She’s crooked in business, but she manages to fool people all the time and she’s got more money than anyone I know. What should I do?

Ms. Wise: Wish her success.

Mr. Seeker: What? Why? I wish she is found out and loses all her money! I wish her business goes bankrupt!

Ms. Wise: If you wish her poverty and failure, you actually understand her thinking. You believe someone else deserves success more than she, and she believes she deserves success more than others. Why would you really want to wish pain upon any person? What you wish upon someone else, you wish upon yourself. So are the laws of Karma. If you wish her poverty and failure, you will be bringing poverty and failure to yourself, too. So do not wish it. If not for her, for yourself.

Mr. Seeker: OK, I understand not wishing her poverty. But why would I ever wish her success?

Ms. Wise: If you both were aligned with your higher values, you would both wish success for everyone, and never act in ways that would prevent that from happening. If she is not successful, she will continue to be shrewd, crooked, and do anything to get money. It would only be if she were so successful and had much more money than she ever needed in her whole life, that she may realize there is more to life than the getting of money. She would only at that point be determined to do something good with it, and also at that point, she would have the means to help a lot of people. She may even help that first lady you told me about.

Mr. Seeker: Thank you. I wish them both success.


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