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Falling in love again for the very first time

Falling in love again, for the very first time
by Doe Zantamata

Real love is
falling in love again
with every passing moment.

Not just
how it used to be.

Rediscover love
by rediscovering that being
who has chosen
to spend their time with you.

Look at them not as you know them,
but look at them anew.
Imagine it’s the first time
you’ve laid eyes on them.
Imagine they are a gift
who has just come to you.

Appreciate their smile, their eyes,
their face. appreciate their voice,
their words, their embrace.

We talk about the past,
we promise forever,
but how many are truly in love
in the present...even though
that’s all there ever is?

Be, feel, know, and appreciate

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