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Saying sorry

Always speak kindly. Saying sorry after saying something really mean fixes the hurt about as much as picking up a rock would fix a window after someone threw it through it. The moment you say something, it's out into the world and can never be taken back.
~Doe Zantamata
If a person says sorry, it's usually assumed that it also comes attached to "I didn't realize," "It was an accident," or that it comes with regret.

Regret would mean that they wish they could go back and not do it again, and they definitely won't do it again in the future. But some people say sorry as if that alone will fix everything. They don't really regret it and will do it again. That's not truly sorry.

As for saying mean things...we really can control what we say. If we know ourselves to say mean things in anger, we can just choose to cool off before discussing something, or enroll in some anger management classes. There are not many words that mean less than empty sorries.

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