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You are the tree.

You are the tree.
By Doe Zantamata
Your relationships and experiences in life are your leaves. Each starts as a promising new bud, opens to reveal its true nature, and eventually withers before falling away.
Some leaves last longer than others, some grow larger and are more important for a longer time, some develop very quickly, and others take awhile, and some buds never grow or open…leaving promises unfulfilled.

Each of these experiences is with you for a time in your life, but none of them alone can truly make or break you. They all are just part of the unique and wonderful life story of you.

Look forward to the new ones, cherish the memories of the ones that have gone, but most importantly, appreciate the ones that are with you right now. At one point you looked forward to them, in the future you may miss them, but right now is when you have them.
Now is when they live.


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