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By the End of Your Journey Here

By the end of your journey here on Earth, I hope you will have experienced a few things. You will leave your body behind, and with it, the end of all that your soul is to live through it. 

I hope you will have experienced joy. Joy, the feeling of being on top of the world without a negative thought in your mind at all. Exuberant bliss. 

I hope you will have experienced adventure. Exploring the unknown and uncertain. There is no more feeling of being alive than not knowing what's coming next and venturing forward anyway. 

I hope you will have experienced purpose. Once, or thousands of times, purpose is the realization that some action is needed and can only be carried out now and by you. And choosing to do it.

I hope you will have experienced connection. True, deep connection. Staring into the eyes of another and seeing their soul and they see yours. Feeling totally safe and understood, even if only for a moment. 

I hope you will have experienced betrayal. Not to wish you harm, but because it means you trusted fully, and the worst fear of doing so happened, and you lived through it. The sheer depth of betrayal can take your breath away, as well as your entire sense of reality. When you heal from that, you've discovered within you a resilience that you never would have imagined you had in you. Yet now you have proof. 

I hope you experience love. To experience love means to feel a certain feeling physically in your heart that makes it expand. When it is awakened in you, you can run from it or embrace it. Embrace means to act as if you chose it. really did. Loving someone else deeply causes your own depth to quake. Before you can love yourself and them longer and more, your own healing must occur. The mirroring is an invitation to shed all that's blocked your own self-love. It takes a lot of courage and determination to face some of what's been covered and hidden not just in your own lifetime, but passed down to you from your ancestors in generations upon generations before you. It's not for everyone. But even just a taste of it is something you'll remember for your whole life. 

I hope you experience a great many things. You are here to love and learn. You are here to use all of your senses and live in each moment. You are here to thrive and develop your potential and express it as much as you can. Potential in all forms; work is one, but every role you choose to play in life holds potential. When you choose to be your best, all of those investments of time will become the best you could have made them. 

Enjoy your time here. It passes quickly. Months become years, and years become decades. If you're not conscious and aware of how your time is spent, it may lead to places you never wanted to go. But even if that's happened, you still have time. Now. You have time to live consciously from now, on, and make the best and most of the time you have left. Don't think it's too late. You may have much longer than you think. 

-Doe Zantamata 


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