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Unlocking Your Future

Most often, the present is built upon the past. But sometimes, the old has to be completely obliterated and removed before you can begin anew. 

Imagine a side door in your home. 

Imagine that many years ago, this door was closed and locked. 

There was pain. There was a massive disappointment, betrayal, or (perceived) failure. 

It was so painful that you couldn't even look at it. 

Over time, things began to pile up in front of that door. 

Over time, the distance between you and that door became greater, and more things piled up, as well as dust. 

At some point, maybe years later, a reason popped up to have that door open again. But you know it's been locked for years behind all that stuff, and you don't even know if you have the key anymore. 

But you do actually want that freedom again. You do actually want to meet the opportunities that may lie on the other side of that door. 

So you begin to clean the dust, and remove everything that's blocking you from getting to that door. 

It moves slowly at first, but the path to the door then opens up faster than you'd imagined. 

And now you are face to face with the locked door, and turns out you were right, you don't have the key to the deadbolt. 

But you, or you with help, are determined. 

You try to unscrew the screws, but they are stuck in there and won't turn. You try to drill them out, but still, the deadbolt won't budge. 

At this point, you have decided you are opening that door. 

You get a saw, and attack the deadbolt. Sparks begin to fly, and pieces come undone and fall to the floor. After what seems like all your energy and efforts, the deadbolt surrenders and falls to the floor. 

You did it. 

You open that door. 

The air rushes in and you feel the weight of all those years drop from your body. 

You feel light.

You feel free.

You got through that painful time when you chose to lock that door.

You overcame it when you chose to open it again. 

The past is over.

It's gone.

The present is here. The future is yours.

Love and dreams fulfilled await you. 

- Doe Zantamata

Get focused. Get centered. Get back to "you."
Improve Your Life in 80 Days, by Doe Zantamata


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