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My Autoimmune Anti-inflammatory Heroes

Somehow, I developed an autoimmune disease. I had a tick bite in April 2018 that resulted in a bad rash, big loss in vision, tinnitus, and debilitating pain for months, but even long before that, I experienced dramatic physical symptoms in response to stress. The stress was from a highly toxic, very close friendship that had gone off the rails. Daily drama which resulted in hives all over my face and scalp, fatigue, and neurotransmitters gone wild. This went on for several years. At the time, I had no idea this would lead to deeper issues later on down the road. 

That friendship ended, but the drama resurfaced a few months later with a different name and face. 

Two years after that, deeper physical symptoms arose. Massive fatigue. Paralysis. Joint and muscle pain beyond anything I'd previously experienced. Brain fog. Constipation and insomnia. felt like my body was done. 

After being tested for Lyme and several other autoimmune diseases with no clear answers, I started looking more into anti-inflammatories. 

That term is everywhere these days. Why are we so inflamed? 

Well, we get inflamed when we are under stress. Stress leads to spikes in cortisol and dramatic close relationships trigger epinephrine/adrenaline reactions. Those wreak havoc on our entire bodies and do real cellular damage. It isn't all just in your head. 

The best way to deflame would be to have zero stress. Stress is supposed to be in very small doses and only when you're being chased by a bear or when there's a lack of food. Lack of food biological stress means that in order to survive, your metabolism must slow down, you'll sleep more, and be hungrier. But when the stress we have is from work or relationships, those biological survival mechanisms really don't help at all. 

So, what's the next best thing to do? Well, several.

1. Limit time in dramatic relationships if you can't eliminate them. 

2. Meditate, pray, or find time to engage in deliberately peaceful waking moments. Anything creative and quiet can also help.

3. Limit the amount of news you consume. What we feed our minds also contributes to this. If you put the news on or watch movies that have you reacting to how awful and terrifying everything is, your body doesn't know that the threats aren't to you and imminent. Your body will react.

4. Take anti-inflammatories. With your doctor's advice of course. During my healing journey, I also had lousy health insurance, and had to look deeper into the natural route for cost constraints. I tried literally several hundred promising things, and these 4 are my saving grace. They made and continue to make an enormous difference in my life. 

5. Spend time in nature, get your bare hands or feet in some dirt. "Grounding," or "earthing" has proven effects in lowering cortisol. There are also naturally occurring chemical compounds in soil, trees, and the air in the woods or the salty air at the beach that affect us physically in positive ways. Making time to sit or walk in nature is mentally, emotionally, and physically relaxing. 

6. Movement. Walking, yoga, Tai chi, qi-gong, or any calm, easy movement that engages your whole body. Increased circulation helps the body to eliminate excess cortisol from the body and increases those calming neurotransmitters that make us feel relaxed. 

7. Leafy greens contain antioxidants and other nutrients that help reduce inflammation and help the body to function well.

8. Deep breaths. "Breath work" as it's called in yoga, or just simply long, slow, deep breaths with a longer exhale will stimulate your vagus nerve in positive ways. Survival breath is rapid and shallow, so doing the opposite intentionally signals your brain that it's ok to relax. 

I am not a doctor or licensed practitioner, so I can only share my experience of what was miraculous for me. And I really do mean miraculous. 

Here is a link to a list of all of them:

Individually, they are:

1. Zyflamend:

2. Swanson Boswellia Curcumin:

3. Omapure Fish Oil:

4. Nelson Honey Nectar Ease:

More about each of these products, generally and specifically:

1. Zyflamend

From the company's product description: "New Chapter’s #1-selling herbal blend gives you 3-in-1 joint health benefits: supporting mobility, flexibility, and overall joint support and comfort.* Expertly formulated with 10 superfood herbs including potent Ginger, Turmeric, and Green Tea.*+ *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

I found Zyflamend years ago to try and help with my hives. It did help a lot, for sure. I didn't have any bad side effects, but the constant stressful relationship was too much for any supplement to totally counteract. I think our bodies try to tell us when change is needed. 

You can get Zyflamend here:

2. Swanson Boswellia Curcumin

From the company's product description:

"JOINT HEALTH SUPPORT: The older we get, the more we need to support and protect joint health, which includes focusing on nutrition! Swanson's Boswellia & Curcumin capsules promote proactive joint function, flexibility, and mobility support.

POWERFULLY PURE: Our joint supplement delivers 300mg Boswellia and 300mg Curcumin in each easy-to-swallow capsule."

Of all of the 4 supplements, this one is the least expensive, at around $8.00 for 60 pills. Boswellia is Frankincense, and Curcumin is the potent part of turmeric. Boswellia has been found in studies to help with pain in people and dogs. Curcumin makes up only 2-3% of turmeric, but is the portion of the root that provides the most health and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

You can get Swanson Boswellia and Curcumin here:

3. Omapure Fish Oil

From the company product description: 
  • One of the highest concentrations of EPA (50%) and DHA (20%) on the market
  • Highest 5 star rating from IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards), the most stringent third party fish oil testing laboratory.
  • Molecularly distilled USP-verified fish oil and produced under strict GMP standards in a state of the art facility in the USA
  • Great value with 120 softgels per bottle
  • Significant price discount compared to other premium Omega-3 brands (Sears OmegaRx, Iceland Health)

I had heard about fish oils and omegas before, and had tried several types of fish oil, but never really noticed any difference. I discovered Omapure while taking a friend to a doctor's appointment. The doctor didn't sell anything in his office except for Omapure. He explained to us about antioxidants and how often medications are used to try and counteract the damage done by oxidants in the system. He said what a good quality fish oil does is prevent the oxidants from forming at all. So the damage is never done. I started taking these and noticed almost within a day that my skin looked somehow more even and smoother. Only once did I try a different brand, and came right back to Omapure. 

You can get Omapure here:

4. Nelson Honey Nectar Ease Manuka Honey

with added Bee Venom

From the company's product description: 
  • HEALTHY MOBILE JOINTS – Bee venom produces natural cortisoles that may help ease aches and pains.
  • TRUSTED! – The Batch Code, on your jar, shows have a trusted and genuine Manuka Honey product.
  • A PLEASANT ALTERNATIVE to Bee sting therapy, with many saying that it helps with joint inflammation
  • FRESH NECTAR EASE: as a small family business living in the US & NZ we harvest honey directly to you
  • GUARANTEE! 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Either you’re thrilled, or we don’t want your money
I saw a video on Instagram about bee venom therapy and how it helps with autoimmune diseases. In the video, the lady had actual bees and stung herself with them to get the bee venom into her bloodstream. The theory was that the venom causes your body to have an immune response and then bring down any over response that stress has been causing you. 

Well, I didn't want to be stung, and the bees die with that route, so I googled and came across this Manuka Honey with added Bee Venom. I'd already been familiar with and used Manuka honey for general immunity and acne. What Nelson Honey does is stimulate bees so that they get annoyed and sting a little on a glass plate, then the bees get over it and fly away unharmed. The venom is collected from the glass plates, and added to the honey in measured amounts: 1 sting per teaspoon. 

The honey tastes great, and I definitely noticed a difference in pain reduction as well as energy. Nelson Honey is an amazing company with great people who really believe in and stand behind their products. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all their products. They also have Facial Sheet Masks with Bee Venom in them that are phenomenal for acne and act as nature's botox. 

Overall, I am still amazed that I ever got better. There was a time when I really didn't believe I would. I feel like, no, I know these products gave me my life back. I don't know your story or what you are going through, but if you try them, I hope that they help you, too. 




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