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Meditation to Uncover Blocks to Living Your Full Potential

Here is a little meditation. Tonight, before you go to sleep, take some deep breaths and have your eyes closed. 

Scan your body from toes up to the top of your head, taking your time and if anywhere in your body feels tight or in pain, focus on it for a breath or two and imagine it releasing and sinking down into the bed as you exhale. 

Once you get to the top of.your head, imagine a light opening and soft beams of a golden light glowing as small or as large as you wish. 

Now, think the thought, "I am my best self." 

If anything tightens up in your body, take a few more slow easy deep breaths and release them. 

This statement will feel false unless you're a fully enlightened person...which...nobody is. 

Where it feels false is where you have an opportunity to love and accept where you are now in honesty, and create a goal of improving in this area. 

Chances are, places where you don't feel your best self are that way because of some past pain. Releasing that releases you from its grip and allows that best self to emerge and be set free. The pain doesn't protect you, it only keeps a part of you limited both to yourself and to others. 

If nothing comes up, that's totally OK, too. It may take a few times to hear the answers from within. 

If you fall asleep before even reaching the top of your head, that is also perfectly fine. It means you succeeded in calming your mind and allowing yourself to relax. 

Discovering your best self and bringing that self more and more into the world will feel a little tense at first, due to pain or shame coming to the surface. But once released, you will have your mind open to give and receive more love and joy. You will become closer and closer to that best self, though the goal is not to get "there." 

The goal is to love yourself every step of the way. 

- Doe Zantamata 


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