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You may regret trying, but you’d regret not trying more.

You may regret trusting the wrong person, but you’d regret not trusting the right person more.

You may regret staying until you were absolutely sure it was over, but you’d regret leaving when you thought there was still a good chance more.

You may regret loving, but you’d regret not loving more.

The more happens in the ends and the afters.

In the event you choose the formers and not the latters, the worst you can say is that you tried, trusted, were loyal, and loved. 

Guaranteed, you’d regret not trying, mistrusting, being disloyal, and not loving more.

Forgive yourself for trying to do the right things. You've learned now. You don't have to shut off in order to not make the same mistakes again. You just have to trust yourself and your hard earned wisdom in order to live the life you've always dreamed of and deserved.


- Doe Zantamata 


  1. We can draw from this many wrong conclusions, give the state of fear existing in the emotional space. But yes, I truly believe we deserve and people around us deserve that little more.


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