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Karma definition

Essentially with karma, humanity is one being. Similar to how individual cells make up one body, individual humans make up humanity. This makes life take on a whole different view. 

To harm another is to harm yourself.

To help another is to help yourself.

To take care of yourself means to help others. 

Power is not found in ever harming someone else because it harms a portion of humanity.

Harming another person weakens humanity. Helping another person strengthens humanity.

There is more power in even smiling at one person than there is in taking advantage of 100. Because taking advantage of 100 means that 100 are lowered because of the actions of one. To smile at one means that one person is raised up because of the actions of one. But more likely, two, when the one you smile at smiles back. 

You cannot change what other people do, but you can change what you do. Do your best every day to take care of yourself and others. This alone will result in a life well lived. Because of your presence, humanity will have been raised in the time you were here, and your influence will continue on after you pass. 

- Doe Zantamata

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Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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