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The Light Came Back On Today

The Light Came Back On Today. 

It's been out for years. I thought it had burned out and meant to get a new bulb and change it, but somehow time went by and it never got done. 

I eventually forgot all about it even though it was right out front every single day.

The past few weeks, I've been cleaning out closets, repainting cupboards, sorting through the pantry, and tossing expired food.

This evening, I took out the trash and immediately when I walked out my front door, I noticed the light was back on again. 

Behind semi-overgown wisteria, shining bright like the first day. Like the old days.

And I'm grateful.

If you are going through a dark time and you feel your light has gone out, you may feel like you should do something, change something, work on things, and try to bring it back. And try those things, for sure. 

But if that doesn't seem to be working, carry on. 

Live each day and do your best. 

Make time for you. 

Clean up and organize when you can muster up the motivation. 

Not just going through the motions, but living in a time that doesn't seem as bright as it has been before. As is. It may sound cliche and it probably is, but there are always lessons in the dark times that we cannot appreciate during, only after. 

And maybe one day, when you're not even thinking about or reminiscing about past "better days," in an insignificant moment, you'll hear yourself laugh. You'll feel good for no apparent reason. You'll realize that somehow just being you and taking care of little things, your light came back on, too. 

You didn't long for it, hope for it, or cross your fingers and pray for it. You accepted yourself and who you are and exhaled and released any old regret fantasies about who you should have been if only you'd made choices different than you did. 

And you realize that here you are in a fresh, new day. Complete with wisdom and appreciation for all you actually are and all you've actually done and how much life can be savored and appreciated at this exact moment regardless of what did or didn't happen in the past. 

And from here, you shine like new.

- Doe Zantamata


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