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Centering Mantra

 This is the mantra that I use pretty much every day, especially in those moments when it seems that reality is the opposite. 

You can see opportunities for what you believe in. You can't see or won't believe opportunities that are outside of your belief system. 

People who strongly say, "after next week, I'll be caught up," often find that happens week after week. 

Whether it's time, or money, or even love, start to apply this mantra to the present moment and really breathe it in and out deeply and feel how it feels for it to be true. 

Relief, peace, confidence. 

Making decisions from this state of mind will always lead to better outcomes than trying to make the same decisions while feeling lack inside. 

It's not hocus pocus magic but it is a sort of magic that you create within your own mind that translates out into the world via your choices and actions. 

Start the day with it as your center and repeat it every and any time you are feeling pulled out of that center. 

- Doe Zantamata


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