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Your Value


I hope you realize that 

when your heart was breaking,

it was breaking open.

When you were betrayed, 

was when you learned 

the massive value of trust.

When you thought you couldn’t go on

but did

you broke through your own limitations.

When your dream dissolved before your very eyes

it meant that it was only an illusion.

But from now, where you are 

and with what you have learned,

you have the capacity and wisdom to love, trust, 

and live your life better than you could ever imagine.

Do it for all of the past versions of you who deserved 

better but did not yet know their --your-- true value yet.

-Doe Zantamata


  1. So glad I finally stood up for myself & no longer care to be around anyone who can’t respect me & only want to blame me for their unhappiness. Lying about “what I said” I won’t argue & I wish them well.


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