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The Two Biggest Law of Attraction Mistakes I Made, and How to Avoid Them

The Law of Attraction, or Karma, to me isn't so much about magic (although I do believe there's some involved), but more about choices that add up, opportunities taken versus refused, and intuition connecting between people who are seeking each other for good times or for lessons before they actually connect in person.

I thought I had it figured out years ago, but then had a few pitfalls which I only realized later on.

To spare you a bunch of pain if possible, I'd like to share those with you.

1. Don't say, "I am ready" in affirmations: 

It seems to make sense that you'd say this, right? Picturing happiness, health, joy, abundance, visualizing and exclaiming with your heart that you are ready to receive all of these amazing things.

But here's the flaw. "I am ready" is still in the future.

It will always seem like next month, next week, not just yet, and definitely not "now."


This took me a few years to figure out.

OK, when you're at a restaurant and the server says, "Are you ready to order?" does that mean you've ordered? Nope. It means you're ready. And if you are ready to eat, does that mean you're eating? Nope. You're hungry and waiting your dinner. And you can be hungry and waiting, totally ready for years, not understanding why it isn't HERE yet.

The fix: Change what you put out and believe in to what you'd say when you were eating that dinner.

"This is wonderful."


"I am so grateful for this amazing experience."

FEEL that. Really feel it in your heart and imagine how it feels until you make it real.

The shift from I am ready to I am so grateful for this wonderful thing is enormous. You may feel it's not real at first, but keep doing it, being grateful as if it's already happening. That will unblock, unlock, and open up your eyes to the experiences that will make it happen in your present instead of always just out of reach.

2. Asking for Just Enough: 

When I made the leap to writing full-time, I affirmed and stated to friends that I don't need to be rich, I JUST want to have ENOUGH to be able to do my work. I said this over and over, and for the next few years, that's exactly only what happened. I had JUST enough to keep the lights on. JUST enough to get dog food. JUST enough to get by even if it meant I had to go without non-essentials and eventually some essentials, too.

I think what went wrong is that I thought if I ask for less, it would be an easier request.

But what happened is I got exactly what I asked for. And not one bit more.

The fix: Affirm: "All that I need, I already have, and way more."

Start to notice what you do have and feel grateful for every bit of it. What you focus on increases. When you are focused on what you need, your needs grow. When you focus on what you have, your haves grow.

I knew this before I started, but somehow because writing full-time was what I really, REALLY wanted to do, I lowered what I asked for thinking that there had to be sacrifice because it was what I really wanted. That kept my expectations really low, and caused me to push away anything that came along that appeared too easy, even though I didn't see it that way at the time, only in hindsight.

This doesn't just go for finances, it goes for something else, really important, too...TIME.

Make sure you're not always worrying, saying, or complaining about not having enough time. Change that inside first to "I always have more than enough time," and take some deep breaths. ESPECIALLY in those moments when you're feeling rushed and about to panic.

Although this one may sound like you're about to become irresponsible, the opposite happens.

You'll no longer be rushing around full of worry, forgetting things, and taking on too much and in a frenzy trying to get it all done. You'll wish you'd done it sooner, but be so glad you did it now.

There are a few more mistakes than just these two, but for now, I want to give you these. There were also a few things that were painful so I believed must be mistakes I was making somehow, but they turned out to be some of the most important lessons of my life.

Overall, believe in yourself, believe in good things, and believe that good things can happen to you.

With Love,

Doe Zantamata

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  1. Oh wow, thank you for sharing this insights. And explaining them in suvj a clear way. Like you, I thought I 'knew' these rules but I can see where I'm going 'wrong' now ❤️ You're Facebook posts are also very inspirational. We have similar views on forgiveness 💕 Best wishes to you xx


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