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Serendipity, Patience, and The Law of Attraction

I started my Facebook page in April 2011 without much of a plan besides to post inspiration and write my books. It’s hard to believe it’s been over 9 years since then. 

Over the years as the community grew, I was contacted by gosh so many companies, too many to count, asking me to post their products in exchange for money or affiliate fees. So far, I have turned down all of them except two; Seven Minerals (high quality organic castile soaps, aloe vera, magnesium spray), and my friend's coffee company. 

I wanted to do one more, but not just any company, something I actually use and love. Money isn’t everything but an extra income that allows me to do more while introducing this community to something wonderful really doesn’t have a downside. 

I make most of my own soaps and skincare products. I have a little website, but I don’t promote it because I make all my stuff by hand and if I get more than 3 orders I’m swamped for a weekend. 

In around 2016 I had three facial oils on my site. One was a French theme with oils from France, one was an Ayurvedic one, and one was expensive oils like Rose and Jasmine. They were all great and I used them myself. They were the best I could do, and I thought they were the best, period.

I started to notice Facebook ads for an Ayurvedic Oil called Kesaradi Oil. I didn’t think much of it, the packaging was really pretty but the ad said it had Rose, Turmeric, Saffron...not much different than what I already have in mine. 

I kept seeing ads and started reading a few of the comments and literally everyone loved this stuff. A few comments may be fake, but this was every ad, every comment. 

I thought what the heck and I bought a bottle to try in 2017. 

OK so keep in mind I am already using all natural, expensive stuff that I make for years. 

I used the Kesaradi Oil for --no joke-- one time and I already noticed a difference. It smells wonderful, soothing and relaxing. My skin by the next morning already looked different. Healthier. Within a week, my friends were asking me if I made something new because my skin looked great. 

So, my first thought was “wow, this stuff is WAY better than mine.” I was a bit bummed, to be honest. I thought I was making the best stuff! 

My Current Bottle of Kesaradi...

The one bottle I had bought lasted me close to a year. You only use a couple of drops for your whole face. My skin type was pretty good, but I had a bit of redness here and there and oily nose and chin later in the day. That was all healed with Kesaradi Oil within a couple days and ever since then. My skintone is evened out, no more oily nose and chin, and my face looks like it’s been eating health food. 

I don’t care about “looking younger.” I am 46 years old and I have earned those years. But I do like looking and feeling healthy, and of course diet and exercise accomplish those, but what we put on our skin matters, too. I started making my own natural stuff because I didn’t want chemicals anymore and used to get migraines and red flare ups a lot. I don’t know if I’m chemically sensitive, but I had a hard time finding natural stuff that actually worked. 

Kesaradi Oil is made differently than the way I made my stuff, and I think it makes a big difference. I just took carrier oils and mixed in essential oils. The way they do it is to use the actual herbs and plants and cook them up in the carrier oils like a soup. Kind of like the difference between fresh squeezed lemonade versus dropping a couple drops of lemon essential oil into water. Or tomato sauce that’s been all cooked together and simmered with fresh ingredients versus dropping some tomato extract into water with dehydrated veg. It’s a night and day difference. 

I ran out of my first bottle of Kesaradi Oil and bought a second bottle in 2018. That is the one in the photo (almost empty). I’ve never used the same product this long. Even my own stuff. I thought it was best to keep changing or always try something new. Well, when you have found the best, you no longer think that. 

Fast forward to February 2020… I get an email. From The Ayurveda Experience, the company that makes Kesaradi Oil! 

They said they found my page and they really like my work and wanted to know if I wanted to partner with them. 

I just about fell out of my chair because YES! I sure do! So, we exchanged a few emails and everything was about to be awesome and then Coronavirus came along and flipped the world upside down. With economic uncertainty, shipping delays, and the world’s attention on the pandemic, we put the partnership on hold. 

Here we are 6 months later, and while the world is far from settled, we decided to launch. 

They have a lot more than just Kesaradi Oil, and I’m going to try different ones and let you know about the ones that I personally love. They have ones for face, hair, body, sore muscles and joints…all kinds of stuff. All of them are made the Ayurvedic way and have incredible ingredients (which you can read their extensive information on their website as to why each was chosen in the formulas). 

I’m really happy and excited to share this with you, and I hope you try them and love them, too. They do have a 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with them. They’re not cheap cheap, but they’re nowhere near the price of some beauty brands, and you use so little that the bottles last a very long time. 

I hope you try it, and if you do, I hope you love it as much as I do! 



You can get yours here:


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