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Meditation, Chakras, Breath Work, Yoga, Ayurveda, Oh My!

Over the past few years, people have asked me about if I teach courses on meditation, chakras, or anything Ayurveda. I do not. I know some about each of those topics, and have included a little in my book on Intuition, but for the most part, I know enough to know, but not enough to teach. I had put it on my list of to-do but there's so much to learn that it was far off on the to-do list.

Me, personally, I'm not a big e-course student. 

To be honest, I bought two from a well known company over a decade ago and while I was impressed with what the sell pages told me I was going to get (that's why I bought them), the actual courses were not very good at all. One was a recording of an in-person group event with bad audio, and the other was a webcam recording which, the material may have been good but the presentation was so boring I couldn't get through the first section.

I've been pretty skeptical about e-courses ever since. So I'm not at all knocking them, I just personally lost trust in fancy sales pages a decade ago and haven't been motivated to try any since.

A friend messaged me and asked if I'd taken The Ayurveda Experience course last year and I said "no" and didn't think anything else of it.

A few months ago, The Ayurveda Experience contacted me about working together, and I was super excited because I already use their Kesaradi Face Oil and Kansa Wand and love them so I was an enthusiastic "YES."

They asked me if in addition to their physical products, I'd be interested in promoting their courses. 

Based on my past experience with courses from other companies, I was lukewarm to the idea at best.
But I do believe a closed mind is one that doesn't learn, and judging all experiences based on a couple bad ones in the past is self-limiting. 

Plus they are offering their flagship course on a "pay what you wish" basis, meaning you don't pay the usual $97, but instead you can pay $47, $27, or even $17. You betcha my skeptical behind went for the $17.

From the first 5 minutes of starting the course, honestly I loved it. It's awesome. I have watched free YouTube stuff on yoga and I already know a bit about chakras and aromatherapy, breath work, and meditation. But I learned a ton from even just skimming the modules of The Ayurveda Experience Course and it's done so beautifully. They didn't just throw a bunch of stuff together to sell something. They put together a thoughtful, well designed, professionally produced course that is just one of the best I've ever seen.

The teacher is a lady named Lissa Coffey, and she's an Ayurvedic expert as well as excellent presenter and teacher. There's theory and history, as well as practical exercises.

I feel like right now with so much chaos going on around us, this is actually a perfect time to detach from the outer noise and learn some beautiful self-care that can be put into practice immediately at home and with no need for equipment or an enormous investment. 

This is the first course I have taken in a decade and the first course (aside from my own) that I am recommending to you.

They do have a 60 day money back guarantee so if you don't feel the same way about it, so there's really nothing to lose.

You can read more about the course, watch a preview, and if you like, purchase it here: 

I hope you love it and that you get a lot out of it, too. 



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