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Ayurveda Apples

This is a super easy, quick, and delicious breakfast recipe!
All you need are:
- Apples
- Cinnamon (I use Ceylon Cinnamon)
- Ghee (or Coconut Oil if you prefer)
- Salt
- Toasted Sliced Almonds
and optional:
- Sweetener; sugar, maple syrup, or honey
- Vanilla Extract
- Cardamom Powder
I got this recipe from The Ayurveda Experience e-course by Lissa Coffey. It's an amazing course and beautifully done. It's for anyone who is interested in Meditation Techniques, Breath Work, Self-Care/Massage, Ayurvedic Herbs and Cooking, Dosha Types, Chakras, and even the history of Ayurveda. There's a lot to watch and a lot of practical/how-to that's easy to incorprate into your day.
Right now, they are having a "Pay what you like" offer, where you can get the entire course instantly for $47, $27, or $17 -- you choose! You will have lifetime access and if you're not totally satisfied, you can get a full refund within 60 days. I really love this course and I learned a lot. I hope you will love it, too.
You can preview and purchase the course here:


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