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4 Easy Ways to Release Tension

Tension in the body, or tense energy happens as a stress response. You've no doubt seen cats or dogs stiffen up and even raise the hair on their backs when they feel threatened. It's done in an attempt to appear larger and scare off an animal that seems to be a threat. This can be a life saving response if you're a cat facing off with a raccoon, but for people who receive a big power bill, it does not have the same effect. The power bill will not be scared off, but you will hold that tense energy.

Chronic tense energy doesn't mean you look strong all the time. It means you're holding your muscles in unnatural and uncomfortable states, which will ultimately lead to aches and pains all over.

No bueno.

Here are four easy ways to break up tense energy every day:

1. Shake it Off

With dogs and cats, you've also no doubt seen them shake it off once the threat is gone. The shaking helps to break up that tense energy. While you may not want to do this in public, shaking off tension at any point in a stressful day or immediately after a stressful event is very easy to do and you'll feel better immediately. Do the same as you would do if you got out of the pool. Shake out your arms, head, each leg, and your whole body.

2. Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter really is wonderful medicine. You cannot be angry and laugh at the same time, and it switches off certain receptors in your brain and switches others on. These will flood your mind and body with neurotransmitters that serve to increase your overall feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Instead of switching on the news after a hard day of work, switch on some of your favorite funny movies or shows. Join some joke groups on social media. If you can't remember the last time you had a good laugh, your mind may have shunted off the pathways that see the humor in things. Watching or reading funny material can help turn those back on and strengthen them. You'll then be able to better see the humor in lots of every day life situations that you may otherwise have become really bothered or annoyed about.

3. Slap, Clap, and Chop

Percussion massage is the type of massage where the masseuse either slaps you lightly with their fingers, palms, or the sides of their hands in rapid motion. This is a wonderful way to break up tension, and you can do it to yourself at any time. You can go full body slap and chop, do a quick few slaps on your shoulders, or clap your hands together and then clap them along your legs, feet, and slap up and down your arms.

4. Sound Off

Humming or singing doesn't have the same type of large scale chopping action as the first three methods, but it does have a micro version of the same thing: vibration. You don't have to be a good singer or even know the words or be in tune. Put some of your favorite music on or use a song in your head and hum away. This will break up tension from the inside-out. If that's not your thing, you could also get a bongo drum or other instrument that you can play every day without having to have much skill or training.

Ancient Shamans would cure diseases using rattles, drums, and chanting to remove bad energy or spirits from their patients. This breaking up of tension is a really old tradition. That may be a bit extreme to incorporate int your daily life, but the idea is the same. To release any stuck, stiff, or stale energy and return you to an at ease, natural state of flow.

by Doe Zantamata

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