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Facing Your Fears

Under normal circumstances, we can often swim above our basic human fears without having to stare into their depths. Basic human fears include: fear of death, fear of illness, fear of poverty, and a few others.

As we are forced to plunge deep at this time, the immediate can be triggering as their possible reality surges upward.

But the plus side is that as we navigate through this, swimming, or even treading water as best we can, we realize that to surrender to the uncertainty doesn’t mean to give up, but to do your best and float until the threat is over.

Eventually, you will rise and wade to the shore on the other side.

You will make it through.

And having faced those fears, you will become more confident and grateful for life, and more free of those fears than you ever were before.

- Doe Zantamata

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Change Your Life From the Inside Out
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