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The Big Spill

Have you ever defrosted some meat in the fridge, only to find that it had leaked meat juice all over the shelf it was on? Or have you ever noticed a jar had tipped over and spilled all over so many other things?

This is "the big spill."

And while it's a shock and seems a disaster, you have to immediately take everything out that the goo is touching, clean it all out, this does turn out to be a good thing. The items at the back of the fridge get a date check and are tossed if they've expired unnoticed. The shelves get a thorough cleaning. Everything necessary remains and everything unnecessary is cleared out. Everything is reorganized and refamiliarized and put in place.

So while it seems unfortunate, it turns out to be the opposite.

Similar to this, is something that happened to my friend that at first seemed like an awful disaster.

She was having her roof repaired a month or so ago, and the roofers left for the day and forgot to put the tarp up. That evening, she was out, and there was a big rainstorm. She came home to find her home office soaked. The computer was spared, but the piles of papers on her desk and her rug were totally soaked, and the walls had taken on some water splatter. She then had a total meltdown, and rushed to put the tarp up in the dark. 

This seemed like an enormous home tragedy.

But the next day, she sorted the papers. She picked out a new color paint for the walls. She tossed the rug which was pretty old as it was. Over the next week, she cleaned, painted the walls, put up some new shelves, got a new rug.

Her home office is magnificent now.

Her office is cleared of the old and unnecessary, and she has a whole new energy in the room. 

Sometimes in life, we get a "big spill."

It may take an hour to clean up, or a week, or if it's something even bigger and involves a spilling of emotions, it may take even longer than that.

But while you're going through it, keep in mind that you're in the midst of a chaos now but it's headed in a cleaner, brighter, more organized, much, much better outcome. 

You'll get through it. 

You'll get it done. 

You'll look back one day, and see how much better things are than they were before the spill. And maybe, just maybe, you can look back with gratitude for that catalyst to better days that seemed in an earlier time to be such an awful thing.

-Doe Zantamata 


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